Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Courtesy Of

So I'm trying to catch up on my blog posts that I haven't been reading over the past month or so. I've realized that I have some serious cleaning up to do on my following list.

I'm kinda over seeing "LOOK AT MY SPONSORS OMG LET ME SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR THROAT" and "top c/o free shit, bottom c/o shit i'd never wear, shoes c/o its free HYFR". When I realized back in the day that there were many interesting blogs out there that I wanted to follow, I didn't pick up on it. But when you sit down and go through a bunch of posts that you missed out on in one sitting, you notice this shit.

I have no qualms with anyone who does this, by all means, make some scrilla for yourself. It's smart, and according to MSNBC, if you're working online, it's the best job in america. However, if any of you big-shot bloggers happen to find your way at my little dent on the internet, please try to spice it up with some of your personality on your outfit posts. Yes, I know it's easy to say "I would never accept something that I wouldn't personally purchase" but it's nice to see a post with a few items in there that don't have c/o in front of them.

But then again, maybe I'm just a jealous shrew.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Shooting My Shit

I have missed 497 posts from the blogs I follow. That's hellalutta posts I've missed out on and that I need to catch up on.

This brings me to my next point, in regards to shit I haven't been doing.

I wish I had time to frolic in front of my camera while someone snapped playful shots of me in my outfit but I don't. No dissing those who do this, I envy you.

My problem is I don't have the fucking time to do that. School is only 4 days a week but I'm constantly moving, from Vancouver to Victoria, from downtown to uptown, running errands and spending quality time with those I love.

It saddens me to make this post but honestly, I don't know where this is going.

I've obviously been going towards a more life-style blog and moving away from strict fashion blogging, and this is the final straw.

Fashion and I are still in love and we will be for a helluva lot longer. I don't know if I'm going to show off our relationship on the internet, however.

I'm just gonna try and shoot my shit and update whenever I want, whenever I feel like it, and if you're here for the ride, cheers.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Notice how the title says FEEL and not LOOK. Sadly in Vancouver, it doesn't much look like Christmas at all. There is no snow like I wish there was, BUT this isn't getting my christmas cheer down. More than ever am I in the christmas spirit, since I get to go home for christmas. How about any of you guys, feeling a little homesick if you're living away from home? What are you missing about your hometown?

Here are a few of MY favorite things this christmas holiday season that cheer me up whenever I'm homesick and make me even more excited to go home : )

In no particular order...

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

I've had them all on multiple occasions, and have a strong feeling that I will continue drinking them until they are no longer available. I'm spoiling myself with calories (I, for a lot longer, will still remain a plus-size fashionista for this reason) and I have no intentions to stop... HOW COULD YOU!? My all time favorite this season is the Gingerbread Latte. It makes me feel like I have a gingerbread village in my mouth, and I'm going to nom on those little fuckers until my stomach is content. Honourable mention goes to the Eggnog Latte (not pictured). Heads up to you starbucks-loving penny pinchers out there; if you get christmas blend coffee (or any blend, for that matter) and get a shot of peppermint in it, throw some half and half in there, it tastes about the same as a Peppermint mocha for about half the price.

Pathetic, Little Apartment-sized Christmas Trees

I present to you my sweet little christmas tree, standing at about 5 feet. It's decorated by all things Ikea and Canadian Tire (the tree itself cost only 30 bucks from Canadian Tire). I love my little tree... of course I wish it was bigger and well, real, but it fits quaintly into my sweet little 550 sq ft apartment. My cat, however, has a love-hate relationship with it... he goes from curling up underneath the tree, to ripping it down to the floor like he was GODZIRRA and the tree was a building in Japan.

 I don't have a picture of Biggie (the cat) in his Godzilla phase, but there is a picture of him looking quite innocent underneath the tree. My handsome little cat seems to have his mind confused... Friend or Foe? To me, this little bugger of a tree is my FRIEND. Cheers to PATHETIC LITTLE TREES! ...Just look at that "snow" at the bottom. Brutal.

Unexpected Christmas Displays

Taken by yours truly at the local Holt Renfrew in downtown Vancouver, I couldn't resist this PERFECT pairing of these beautiful, timeless Manolo Blahniks. At first when I saw them, like any other Sex and The City fan, I noticed these are the shoes (except Carrie's were blue) that Big proposed with at the end of the first movie. First of all, that got me excited all on its own. Considering that they were paired so magically like this together, my smile turned into a shit-eating grin. If I had $4000 to throw around, I would buy both pairs and wear both colours at the same time. Of course, I would be wearing them with a certain Prada bag I've been drooling over lately.... but that's a whole other story. I'd have to commit a humanitarian miracle to get that kind of cred with Santa to get on the Good Girl list.

Vancouver Christmas Pride

Ponies.... decorated... for Christmas.... in the Christmas parade...

'Nuff said.

I'm so grateful for my view in the beautiful downtown Vancouver, and lucky enough that I get a great shot of BC Place Stadium. At night, it's lit up with green and red, and then goes to white and red (like a peppermint). I'd love to get in a chopper and see it from the sky, I know it would look amazing. But for now, I can stand looking at it from this view .... poor me. (first world problems)

Christmas Playlists 

Note that this picture isn't of me or taken by me, just a photo I found on google. This kid's smile makes me giggle to myself, because I'm pretty sure that's what I look like when I'm getting my christmas music fix. My favorite website for such playlists is Songza. They have apps as well for iPhone and iPad, probably for other smartphones/tablets, and they have numerous playlists to listen to. Favorite christmas song of all time? Well... It's... .....


excuse the weird imagery in the video... and just enjoy the audio : )


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Little Late

Outfit post, wow... you don't say? Really? Did you think that this had become an outlet for me to just rant about whatever is on my mind?

Well, rest assured... that will still be happening. I want to rant right now about my time management skills... I got these pictures from my friend Shawna over at Serpentine Streets like a month ago, and they were taken from Vancouver's Fashion Night Out which happened in ... September? Late August? ...FAIL. Sadly I didn't even get to GO to the fashion show (school runs late), but we did go walk around on Robson street for some of the events. Gap had a DJ which was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed french connections set up. They had hair stylists, photographers, a live band, and drinks. It was amazing. But, alas, too bad for you, the only pictures I'll be sharing are of my outfit from that night of strolling and shopping.

Dress: H&M. Sweater: Ralph Lauren. Purse: H&M. Shoes: Material Girl.

Love these shoes, but I did almost eat pavement (fall down onto my face ergo chowing down on the street) about 5 times. I have a hard enough time wearing high shoes on LEVEL ground... combine my clumsiness with uneven sidewalks, and you get one hilarious show.

I'm so happy to have purchased this sweater (although at the time I most definitely could not afford it).. It's something that I'll be keeping for a long time I think, and will always remind me of my first fall away from Newfoundland. Lucky for me that Ralph Lauren used such fall-friendly colours to remind me of the leaves from my home land.

Speaking of my home land, I want to direct ALL OF YOU who read this to my friend Candace's blog called Randomly Organized Chaos. She is amazing and has taken some shots of me in the past, which were much much much appreciated but I never got the time to get them from her to post on here or even link the post (bad friend over here...). Not only does she do amazing portraits, but she literally feeds my need for Newfoundland. I swear she hears my longing calls for certain Newfoundland qualities, because as soon as I think of something I miss, she takes a picture of it. She's a doll, a talented writer, and a bad-ass photographer. To all my Vancouver friends... look at this blog and you'll see why I miss home so much.

I'm off to catch some zeds, for I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Thanks for the reads, and I'll try to update more (famous last words...)


Monday, October 22, 2012

Forever 21 Plus Fail

I'm currently couch-ridden, recuperating from a stomach virus that had me super sick all yesterday. I've been spending most of my time watching season 1 of glee (I am such a gleek, it's insane) and trolling the internet.

I decided to have a look on the Forever 21 Plus website (on their canadian page) to see if there's any new stock in, and I see this:

Uhm.... what?

F21+, are you kidding me right now?

WHAT is this look? Homegirl has the fakest looking extensions in bright pink with a red bandana that straight up clashes with the pink, the only thing that makes me think "oooooh, fall '12 fashion" are that she's wearing denim (... which isn't a very revolutionary trend if you ask me) and her booties are almost dark enough to be considered oxblood.

Worst part is, when I saw the ad, I thought "what did they do with their previous model? She was so beautiful and photographed so well!"... But I'm pretty sure it's the same model, they just fugged her up.

In the words of this hilarious blog,

Forever 21, WTF?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Smoking & My 100% Failure Rate

No fat girl fashion today folks, shits about to get real.

The number of times I've tried to quit smoking is a number that I don't think has been invented yet. During every cold, any news of anyone with cancer (which seems to be a lot these days.. hey cancer, how about you fuck off), or just a spurt of optimism, quitting smoking has been attempted by yours truly. I've had a 100 percent failure rate. I've tried the gum, the inhaler, cold turkey, almost everything short of that crazy psychosis crap and the patch (which is what I'm trying now). If you think about it scientifically, for myself, my own experiment, my findings have told me that I'm most likely meant to smoke. My hypothesis: I will quit smoking. The independent variable: the method of how I will quit. The dependent variable: will I actually quit. Findings: I keep smoking.

I'm not here to rant about how positive my life will be once I quit smoking, because you know what, I think it's going to be complete shit for awhile. I LIKE going outside for cigarettes and chatting with my friends. I LOVE having a cigarette with my coffee or after a huge meal. Smoking is (or was) a joy for me, and I know the thought of it is still going to make me sooky and nostalgic for smoking even if I'm successful at quitting.

But let's get real, and by real, I mean let me count the ways that quitting smoking is a good idea:

Nobody likes smokers nowadays (or at least it seems that way). It's less socially acceptable to have a cigarette in public than it is to smoke a joint, especially in Vancouver. I don't want to get "that look" from people while I'm minding my own business enjoying what I enjoy. So, you win, assholes. I'm going to try to stop enjoying what I enjoy. For you. And well, for your air space. I guess you're not asking too much.

My health is deteriorating and I'm only 22. I'm not saying I'm going to die anytime soon, but I can't walk up the stairs without feeling winded, or get over a cold in just a couple of days because I keep on coughing. It's embarrassing when I'm at a family event and I cough my lungs out, and get that stern look from my grandfather pointing his finger at me and saying it's because of smoking. I can't disagree with him, it is. I shouldn't be doing it. I should never have started. I probably could have been in more organized sports as a teenager if smoking wasn't on my to-do list at the age of 13. But alas, be a part of the cool crowd is what I wanted to achieve, and I'm not even sure if I made it in.

The amount of money that I spend on smoking a year is enough to purchase a designer handbag. I'm not going to back this up with any information. It doesn't need to be backed up. Quit smoking = buy a trendy designer bag every year. Are you kidding me.

And the most sensitive subject for me, my family. I've loved and lost people who died because they were dealt a shitty hand because of disease and cancer. Smoking on average takes about 10 years off of your life. I don't want to be dead at a young age and not see my grandkids. I don't want to take off 10 years, because a dear loved one didn't even make it to 20 years. It's hard to see people suffering because of what disease does, and I go and essentially inject a little bit of disease into my system 14 times a day just because it feels good at the time. A little note to myself here: you know what feels good Julia, breathing. That feels good, idiot.

I know if I can't quit this time I'm going to kick myself in the ass for writing this post, and making myself feel horrible every time I smoke. But maybe that's what I'll need.

To everyone I talk to on a daily basis, please excuse bitchiness, easy irritability and annoyance, as it will be the addiction for smoking acting out, not me.

Everyone, raise your glass. Here's to a 100% success rate with the patch.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Trends

I'm without an outfit post for you dolls but I will have one soon (hopefully).

One thing that I'd like to try doing is I'd like to take a picture of what I'm wearing for each day I go to school throughout one week. Essentially, I'd just like to show what I do to make my all-black outfit more personalized.

Today's post title pretty much explains what this post is about...  I've been obsessed with the fall trends that have popped up in magazines and online, so I figured I would do some searching on my two favorite online stores, Forever 21 + and Asos Curve, to find some affordable plus size options. I've come up with some collages made on polyvore to showcase pieces that I'm dying to have, and that seem to fall in line with this season's trends.

Fall Trend - Feminine Prints

Fall Trend - Romantic Rosette

Fall Trend - Gothic Plum
Fall Trend - Black and Gold

Thanks for the reading, hope you have some fun fall shopping!


Thursday, September 13, 2012


Lookat this, a new post, so soon after my last one!!

It's all because of my dedication to the cause, my friends. The cause? Keeping this up so that I can have something for myself.

To be honest, I've gone through many stages in the blogging world.
- At first, when I started this blog, it was a distant dream of something that I could hope to keep up.
- Sadly, that didn't work out. Almost a year later, I picked it up again. During this time, Ja Ja Jules was just something that I kept private, hidden from everyone except for my sister.
- I decided after a few blog entires to go public with my friends. Once I published the blog on Facebook, it started to become a goal to get a certain number of readers. I was preoccupying myself with reading on the internet how to gain money from advertisements, sponsors, and how to increase traffic flow. This built stress and led to disappointment when I just didn't have the time to market myself and my blog as a brand.

Now, it's just all about me. Fuck the stats. I have a blog, bitches. I'm a funny blogger who doesn't take myself too seriously. I don't have to answer to anyone, and that is what makes me happy. Don't get me wrong; if you like to blog and enjoy marketing yourself, finding your niche, getting sponsors and free products, good for you. It's just not right for me at this time of my life.

Anyway, onto the outfit! I wore this when my boyfriend and I went out for supper for his birthday. It was belated, as he works away and wasn't home for his actual birthday. I felt very confident in this, since I kept with my normal casual-feel while getting a little dressy with some high wedges and bright-red lips.

peplum top: asos. jeans: old navy (old). clutch: aldo (old). wedges: spring (similar). watch: nixon (similar). necklace: urban outfitters.

Figured I'd finish this not-so-serious-yet-personal post with a laugh:

Until next time,


Note: Yes my hair is a few inches shorter. No it was not planned. Oh, how interesting is attending my first month of Hair Dressing School.

Saturday, September 08, 2012



Yeah, it's me, trying to act casual after an unexpected month-long hiatus. I feel like this is a little awkward... kind-of as if I'm calling up an old flame, trying to play it cool, seeing if we can re-connect or something. I'm obviously not good at this considering I've been happily involved for the past three years. I have mad love for the blogging community and have enjoyed having a month of just reading blogs and getting used to school, but now I'm ready to rekindle that fi-yah. (Yes... fi-yah.)

The pictures I'm sharing today were taken a while ago, I've just been too busy to post. Just a casual karaoke night out with friends, in which I sang an amazing song by Tenacious D and got the whole bar singing with me simply because of the awesomeness that was the song. One hundred points to whoever guesses what song it was!

shirt: asos (old) [similar]. bracelet: urban outfitters. earrings: aldo. clutch: forever 21 (old). leggings: joe fresh. shoes: urban outfitters.


The pictures were taken on my beautiful balcony with more apartment buildings in the background. The view facing the other way is much more spectacular, but you get an awkward glare on the window from our door. 

As for an update on my living situation, Vancouver has been treating me well, I love the big city as I thought I would. I do, however, miss my friends and family and my home land like crazy. Newfoundland is such a beautiful place and it is killing me to spend my favorite season (FALL) away from home.

School is amazing but I don't want to bore you with details on that.

Be prepared for another post soon, I have pictures cropped, edited and ready to go.


Saturday, August 04, 2012


ZOMG PEOPLE. Worst blogger of the YEAR award. I was SO EXCITED to move here, get all my shit together, take tons of pictures of me in my city element, showin off my style. Have I done that? No.  Life is what happens when you're busy making plans? HAH. Life is what happens when you're trying to get shit done, not planning it out.

I'm all moved into my quant little apartment on the 13th floor (sketchy?) in downtown Vancouver, furniture is all set up, but there are no decorations. I'm in the process of "creating a piece" for our bedroom wall, that should be done soon and will only take one more run to Michael's for supplies. My beautiful, talented friend who goes by the name of Mazoo gave my hubby and I two beautiful pieces of hers, so stay tuned for pictures of that once we decide where to put them. I've just been too busy to decorate.

I've ALSO been too busy to take any pictures of any outfits ever. As soon as we arrived, I was too preoccupied with furniture shopping to document my style (which did NOT falter under the pressure of a new city, by the way.. I kept it poppin'). Then after all the furniture arrived, there were drinks with some new-found friends and some old newly-found friends. Shawna from Serpentine Streets showed me how vegetarian and vegan food can be amazing; the two of us and our boy toys ate at a restaurant called Naam. I was so happy to discover this little thing called miso gravy. Everyone must try. Vancouver has been real and I'm loving every second of it.

Oh, and I guess maybe I should elaborate on my purpose to come to Vancouver in the first place: Blanche Macdonald. Needless to say I'm in love. Mother always said to never love something that can't love you back, such as an object or whatever, but eff that. Blanche will love me back, I know it. We were made for each other. I'm only on day 3 and it's more stimulating to me than my four years of my undergrad degree. So far we're only taking notes and blow drying mannequins' hair, but it's so exciting and new to me. The one down side is the uniform: black button up shirt, black dress pants, black closed toe shoes. Although unsatisfactory, I'm fairly confident in my ability to accessorize, so I can make it work.

HOPEFULLY I'll have some exciting photos for you of my cool new life. However, with all that said, I still miss my friends and my home.

For now, here's some photos from the ol IPhone.

creepy new neighbor on the 12th floor, view from the balcony. yes, that is a living cat. it moves.

our view from the balcony, YAY FOR A SKY LINE!

biggie the kitten's favorite place to chill: on top of the kitchen cabinets.

guy on granville street with a snake. NBD?

the cutest house boat EVAR

instagrammed meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, in crabs park (yes, crabs.)

As always, thanks for the read, follow on bloglovin, and I'll have some spectacular ground-breaking posts for you soon. Scout's honor.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Alien Arrival

I spent all of yesterday packing all of my clothing, shoes, jewelry and essentially, my life into three suit cases. All so that I could make a huge change in my life; moving across the country to follow a dream I had since I was the tender age of innocence. It was a very difficult decision to make; move my entire life to the unknown to do something that I wanted to do. I'm already a pretty accomplished young woman, but that isn't good enough for me.

No bags were overweight, but I left with one hell of a heavy heart. I felt like I weighed an extra one hundred pounds going through security this morning in Deer Lake, Newfoundland. It was hard to make the effort to get myself to my gate, onto the plane, and into my seat. I'm so excited to leave this old life behind but there are so many things I'd like to bring with me.

I never thought I would be doing this. It seems so uncalculated and alien to me. I keep catching myself thinking... What the fuck am I doing? I'm leaving such a cozy life.

Whether I'll be infatuated with Vancouver, well, that is to be determined. I am a firm believer that although I've never lived in a big city, I'm a big city kind of gal. So hopefully this will go as planned, and I will love it.

Jenn/Ginge/Frotch/Baboon/Babs, holy shit. I'm going to miss you like crazy. We already said our mushy things but here it is, on this blog forever, my undying love for you. Keep being the rock-star that you are, don't change a thing about you, you're a boss, my little monkey, and I'm going to miss the chilly basement.

Skanes, grow up. Get on that plan to use your air miles and come out to make me some seafood chowder while you're at it, AND some more of that brie, AND bring a vat of that home made vinaigrette. You're a bro, and I appreciate all the kind words you've said to me over the past few days, ensuring me that this is a good idea.

Higdon, my man, my big brother: I don't really know what else to say but that I miss you, and I want your god damn milkshakes. No, that is not a sexual innuendo, this guy makes the best milkshakes ever.

Taylor, my giggly monster, I'm going to miss the laughing fits that we had together and all the things we find funny. The love of humor that we share is something rare,  and I miss feeding off of each others' energies to keep the good times rollin'.

Mudder, Step-Dave, my sisters, and everyone else: I love you, thank you for everything, and I appreciate the support from everyone.

Alright, I'm going to be sobbing up a storm in the middle of Toronto Pearson Airport if I don't stop writing this. Peace out, I'll see you all on the flip side.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Think I Wanna Marry You


Today I let you see the formal side of Julia... the one where she brushes her hair (not well), attempts to do precision make-up, does NOT forget to wear deodorant, and ensures that nails have been painted. How I wish I could do all of these things at once, but I'm not a frikken circus act. There's no way I can be THAT polished every day. 

This is an outfit that I wore to a BEAUTIFUL wedding (& reception, with an open bar for two hours.. I had to take a break from drinking while eating so that I could sober up a little before face planting on the dance floor). The dress was on sale at Sears, and it fit like a smack in the mouth, like a glove, etc. You get the point. That shit fit me perfectly.

dress: sears, shoes: spring, earrings: spring, clutch: aldo

I managed to keep these HIGH wedges on for seven hours. That is an accomplishment that I really wish I was awarded a medallion for. Normally, I can't wear high shoes for more than.. well, never. BUT, these bad boys were surprisingly comfortable. I have a very wide foot, so something with stretchy straps makes me super happy.  

The ceremony was so amazing and gorgeous that I almost accepted my boyfriend's impulsive proposals  for marriage. Here we are after proposal number 5:

This was taken by an i-phone (with a little bit of instagram action) that was handy; I didn't take my new baby (rebel T2i) with me to the ceremony as I knew I'd probably drop it from all the hormonal jitters I'd be having.

Thanks for reading everyone! And remember to follow on BLOGLOVIN !!! : )


Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Beginnings

Hello! I am very pleased to announce that I have a new camera, a Rebel T2i! It is my child. If you're around me, you can't touch it unless I feel that you are competent enough. I'm very serious about this. Contracts must be made, verbal promises to be kept, and a whole lotta trust must be put in your hands to hold this baby.

Enough about the over-protective mother dialogue, let's get to the good stuff: the PICTURES.
I'm still a baby with this thing and I don't really know what to do in every scenario to take a great shot, but with the help of some youtubing and some of my bloggin/photographer buddies, I think I'll get the hang of it.

I wore this outfit to go out to supper with my friend Jenn (who's been on here before), and I was very determined to get some outfit shots since I've been kindof slacking lately. After a little convincing in my mind to let Jenn hold the camera (not that she isn't talented or incompetent; like I said, I'm just over-protective) we drove up to the base of Marble Mountain Ski Hill which is about a 5 minute drive from Corner Brook. Jenn was looking fah-ine so I simply HAD to take some pictures of her; she's an experienced "model" if you will (everyone loves taking pictures of this beautiful red-head, and for good reason) and this is what came out of our little photoshoot:


When I picked Jenn up to go for supper, and I expressed my interest in shooting her for the blog, she was surprised at my request. She felt that she was too "matchy-matchy": something I'm sure many of us feel when, well... matching. Growing up, you were always told by your mother to match your outfits, otherwise you would look messy. Today, it's as if we are all too afraid to wear the same color in more than one location of piece of clothing on the body. I thought that this would be a perfect example, in my opinion, of why you can still match your clothes and still look casual yet polished at the same time. Matching same colored items that are smaller is nothing to be afraid of, because it just ties the outfit together in my opinion. There are no large statement pieces or patterns in this outfit, and the simple neutrality of the navy belt and navy feathered earrings make it easier to add on more colors if Jenn would have wanted. However, if it were a trendy color (one not so neutral, such as a neon hue), perhaps wearing matching accessories would look better if there were a print added as well, one that had the same neon hues of the accessories worn. Then, it would look as if the matching neon accessories are just pulling out the fun colors of the print.


This was a very comfortable outfit to wear, and I loved the bold patterns on my lower half. Normally I stick to wearing bold colors and patterns on my torso; it's just a habit, I'm not really sure why. This skirt was thrifted, and it's a little too big around the hip area, so I safety pinned it for a quick fix (haven't taken it to the seamstress yet). The top I'm wearing is a simple black v-neck bought from Forever 21+, and I made a knot in the bottom left to shorten the length of it and to add a little texture to the top. Ofcourse I have to make whatever I wear as funky as possible, so I threw on a neon bracelet from Forever 21, and some oversized light blue studs from Spring on my ears. With this summer heat we've been getting (seriously guys, it's been like at least 25 degrees every day), my usual go-to hair do is the bun on top of the ol' head, which I think looks marvelous with this outfit. Thank god it's in style or I don't know what I would do.

Thanks for the read everyone! The following pictures don't necessarily show off the outfits we are wearing, but I couldn't help but to upload them anyways (you know, new camera and all...).

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Curses in Cursive


Vacation, booze, summer loving, driving, picture taking, fishing, etc have been keeping me away from the blogging community. At this moment, I have 218 blog posts that I need to read on bloglovin (ps: I'm on bloglovin! follow me... k thnx) and I WILL read them all. However, first things first, a little blog post for all my devoted followers/stumblers.

I've been in Corner Brook for the past two weeks or so, and I have been loving every minute of it. I miss my friends from St. John's dearly, but this has been such a fun time. Although I have not caught up with everyone I'm hoping to see while I'm between moving (from St. John's to Vancouver), it's been nice to be home.

Last night I went on a dinner date with my best friend Jenn; we went to a restaurant on the main drag of Corner Brook that had an open patio/deck. We were later joined by another good friend Meag Mazoo, and we drank too much beer to keep our bellies un-bloated. Let me just say that I love talking with old friends... tonight, the most domineering topic was how much we fucking swear all the time. In our opinion, cursing just emphasizes every thought to a certain degree rather than saying a sentence without cursing. HOWEVER... this is a very close-minded opinion and we all hope to change our cursing ways. This reminds me of a quote I heard blasting through my speakers earlier today, from a little song called Otis by Jay-Z and Kanye West featuring Otis Redding... "Sophisticated ignorance, write my curses in cursive".. Well, it's one thing to relate to a quote by Kanye, but another thing to try and live up to it. Uhmm, no thanks.

This outfit that I'm displaying is from... *gulp* last week. Yes it's taken me that long to write a post. The weather here has been fucking SUPER amazing. Today however we did see some rain in the am, so this is why I can manage to sit down at a computer for more than 10 minutes and actually do something productive.

jean jacket: the gap (similar). dress: jessica simpson (similar). necklace: forever 21 (old). shoes: birkenstock. sunglasses: ray ban wayfarer. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my go-to look. It includes: A sky-high bun, my overly-loved jean jacket, some shades to cover the eyes (which may or may not be swollen from a hangover), and a dress.   I very rarely style my bun; I usually just shove it up in with one elastic and then go. However, this is a more structured look, similar to the bun found here on my friend Jenn. I also very rarely wear something this short. One of my biggest insecurities is the size of my legs. I do not have crazy cellulite, but my thighs are something one does not want to reckon with. They are huge. They will suffocate you in a duel in which you are bound to lose. But, after a few months of soul searching on this little blog of mine, I've gained so much confidence. Although my thighs will always shake, my confidence will not. (shake... my confidence will not shake... see what I did there?)

About the photographs... YES the photos are instagrammed, YES they're taken by my cell phone. However, I have some exciting news; I will be purchasing a PROFESSIONAL camera for when I move to Vancouver. I'd love to get one before leaving home; Newfoundland deserves some beautiful shots taken by a professional camera (and also by a professional photographer) but I'm thinking that I'll want to make a portfolio of my work while at Blanche Macdonald, so it seems like a smart investment. I'll also probably have a better choice of cameras out west. What camera do you use? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading, I love you all.