Wednesday, February 27, 2013

fly, coolness, angst, gangster

Here's a quick little post regarding fashion, considering I've been avoiding the subject in the past few posts (NOT on purpose). I'm still versing myself in the current trends (vogue, nylon and following all the designers on instagram is supplying me with my fixx) but I will admit it that this next little wishlist has nothing to do with trends this spring. Normally when I make a fashion post, I try to look at what is in fashion at that moment, what colours and patterns are big for spring (btw, biggest I've seen so far is B&W), etc. But it's my birthday in ... 13 days and here are a few things I'm itching to get my hands on.

Few must haves that I feel I have gone too long without are:

- A pair of fabulous ray ban aviators. I don't understand how I've remained this fly my whole life without owning a pair of such fly sunglasses. I have a gift, I guess. And if you say it's "swag", I'll punch you.
- A trench coat. Adrian (the boyfriend) just got a fabulous one from Banana Republic, and I happened to try it on, and ALMOST went to buy the exact same one but our coolness factor from owning the same coat and obviously wearing it together would make the world explode. Apocalypse NOT averted.
- Converse. I've gone through my angsty teen years without even owning these. LIKE WTF?
- I HAVE had creole gold earrings before, and used to wear them like every day in high school, but have since lost them. I can't keep going on through life thinking I'm a gangster without those gold hoops, g-dangit.

All the other treats are just things that I want to add to my closet. Desperately. If you feel like you want to treat me, my address is available upon request, all of the below items can be found on the website. Do a good deed. Buy a stranger (me) a birthday present.


Thursday, February 07, 2013

i lost a few inches

...And by few, I mean about 5 or so. I cut my hair.

And I love it.

I was debating it for awhile, because I hadn't cut my hair since I was 15. That is ... holy shit, that's 8 years ago. Okay, just having a little melt down on how long ago that actually was. Anyways, back to the present... A lot of people were telling me to keep it long, and that I shouldn't cut it. I was afraid that I would regret it, but I realized that the only reason I was holding onto the idea of leaving my length was because it was just that... so much length. Such long thick hair. I had planned it out well, however. I pinned my hair up so I could see what I would look like with shorter hair, and I tried on different necklines/outfits. I loved every look. So after school one day, I asked my incredibly brave friend Annie to cut it. She did. It's magnificent. 

Here's a little photo diary of my journey to shorter hair:

This is my hair when I pinned up the longer lengths. The reason it actually looks like I cut my hair is because I had shorter layers:

This is the last picture taken of my longer hair, RIGHT before we wet it down and cut it:

This is before we did texturizing/some layering... my hair was in the shape of a triangle because of the amount of thickness. Annie is poking her head out from behind the monstrosity:

SHORT HURR DONT CURR (this photo has clearly been instagrammed, I no longer have the original):

Another picture of the short hair for good measure (hah.. measure.. we're talking about lengths... of hair..... measuring... by using inches. HAH) :

I didn't even cry once throughout the entire thing, which is surprising because I'm a pretty emotional cry-baby. If you're thinking about cutting your hair, I suggest taking one night, opening some vino, pinning your hair up to the best of your ability and trying on different styles with it. In one outfit, you could look fantabulous, and in another one you could look awful. Just sayin.

Saturday, February 02, 2013

in light of the last post...

I totally made a playlist that helped me get out of my funk the other night, aptly entitled "fuck this shit". Here's a little list of songs that helped me think "ahhhhhhhh fack it, let's get this show on the road and keep on keepin on." Even though the title implies I'm giving up. More like giving up being a "Negative Nancy."

In the order that my Itunes decided to shuffle:

Bad Kids - Lady Gaga
Diamonds - Rihanna
I Care - Beyonce
I Love It - Icona Pop
Jump - Rihanna
Killing In The Name Of - Rage Against the Machine
Power It Up - Rihanna
Renegades of Funk - Rage Against the Machine
Red Song - Hey Rosetta (ultimately the saddest sounding song I've ever heard, but so beautiful)
Seven Devils - Florence & The Machine
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
Fragile Bird - City & Colour
Stranger Things Have Happened - Foo Fighters
Closer - Kings of Leon
Just - Radiohead
Bangers and Mash - Radiohead
Paranoid Android - Radiohead
Hooker with a Penis - Tool

Probably one of the most eclectic angst-y playlists out there.