About Me

My name is Julia (a.k.a. Jules), I am a 22 year old female currently residing in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.  I'm originally from Newfoundland, where I grew up on the west coast and went to university on the east coast. It will always be home, but I'm enjoying life in the big city and enjoying all it has to offer. Currently I'm enrolled at Blanche Macdonald doing the pro-hair program.

This blog was created at first to just rant on the internet, then it somewhat turned into my attempt at a fashion blog, and now I'm turning it back to my little soap box. I will not be deleting my past posts about fashion. I still love fashion. I just don't want to feel shitty about not writing about it so often and not finding the time to take pictures of myself. Which is how I was feeling. Awkward sentence structure. There will be a lot of this.

Enjoy, read, comment, and if you have any questions or concerns, please visit the contact page.


Disclaimer: All opinions, thoughts, views expressed on http://jajajules.blogspot.com are of my own and belong to me. All photographs taken of me or by me are also of my property. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.