Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Sea

"I am lost out to sea, while you're close to shore. Has it been months, has it been years, or more?"

Hello dear friends! If you want some fashion, you're in the right place. Today, I also thought I'd do a little "giveaway", if you will. A little something that I'd like to share with all of you. What is this crazy person talking about, you ask? Ahh... in due time. But if you cannot resist, scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the links. 

With this outfit, I was feeling a little inspired to step out of the box and try and push my limits of what I'd wear normally. 4 months ago, I probably would not have put these pieces together.  I recently joined (you can check it out 
here) and by doing so, I realized it's a great way to see how fashion is never a "cookie-cutter" thing. There are some outfits that I honestly never would have dreamed of creating myself, but it's very inspiring to see what people can come up with.  It really makes fashion seem like more of an art than a machine.

dress: sears (similar). jean jacket: the gap (similar). clutch: forever 21. belt: old, burton snowboards. scarf: vintage (from my grandmother). 

I love this dress... I wore it for my birthday party and it's still just as comfortable as ever. 

Excuse the grainy-ness of the picture, and the fact that it kind of looks like I'm floating.

The scarf that I'm wearing used to be my grandmother's. My farmor (pronounced fah-more, it's grandmother in swedish) passed away a few summers ago, and she left her beautiful scarves to my sister and I. It's great to wear something that used to be hers because she was such a stylish and inspiring woman, and she helped inspire one of my tattoos (you can read all about it here).  She will always be in my thoughts, and I'm lucky I can bring a part of her into my outfits as-well!

Now for the MUSIC. You might be questioning the title of this post, "The Sea". Well I'm here to give you a PRESENT. It's a FREE GIVEAWAY. This is the best type of giveaway, because there is no postage, no mail, nothing like that. I'm giving the gift of beautiful music (I know, I'm a huge cheese-ball).

The past few days I've been washed over (pardon my pun) by a song that is always in my head, called The Sea. It was written by a couple of friends of mine, who are in a band called Kawaja Bear. Taryn Kawaja, who is on vocals and keys, has a beautifully haunting voice that can wake you up or put you to sleep (in the best type of way). Dave Connors has an impressive resume of musical endeavors and is quite skillful not only with instruments (guitar, drums, and synthesizer to name a few), but also with the production aspect of their music. Both are from Corner Brook, Newfoundland (same as me) but are living in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

To have a listen to their song The Sea, click here.

To browse their entire library of their unique and enticing music, click here.

If you like what you hear, the songs are available for purchase at the very low price of... name your price.  Isn't that cool of them? And since they're so cool, you should buy each song for $100. Just saying.  ; )


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ginger Diaries Part 2

In case you didn't look at The Ginger Diaries Part 1, take a looksy here.

I was very blessed while Jenn was in town because the weather was gorgeous... heck, it still is gorgeous. Good for me and Jenn, bad for my to-do list (passport renewal, studying at the time, cleaning the house). These next shots were taken in downtown St. John's in this cool little alley way with graffiti on the walls. It was kind of hard to take some of the pictures because of the profanities written on the walls... silly hooligans defacing downtown public property. Let me just say I'm all for the art of expression (this blog is my biggest creative outlet), but writing the F word on a wall does not scream artistry in my opinion.

ANYWAYS... onto the fashion:

shirt: bluenotes. pants: bluenotes (similar). clutch: forever 21 (similar). sunglasses: ardene's. shoes: spring.  belt: old.

Jenn's outfit was a mixture of classiness and funkiness.  Her black solid button-up complimented her  pants well, and the colors in the clutch (although you can't really see it that well) flattered the jewel-toned green.  Jenn kept her hair down naturally, letting it air dry, with little product.  Her make-up was kept minimal as well.  Minimal makeup works well with an outfit with brighter colors or extravagant prints because you don't want to over-do it.  This is one of the cases where less is more. Yay Jenn!

And here I am, trying my best to not feel awkward with the people who walked by.

scarf: old. shirt: asos (kindof simliar). leggings: old navy. jean jacket: the gap. boots: spring (similar). bracelet: forever 21. sunglasses: ardene's. worn with red matte lipstick by revlon. 

I'm absolutely in love with this jacket. It's the softest fabric ever.  It was pretty expensive (around $80 in the store when I bought it), but I can tell it's going to be with me for awhile.  It's my favorite purchase in a long time, and I literally wear it every chance I get.  Okay, enough about the jacket.. : ) I don't often wear patterned scarves with this shirt because it has a nice delicate pattern on it already, but in the spirit of trying something new, I decided to mix prints.  I'm happy with the way it came out; I like the neutrality of the shirt and the pop of color of the stripes on the scarf.  Plus the scarf helped make my red lips stand out!

I'm very blessed that my bestie could come out and visit me, and I'll be heading back to the west coast of Newfoundland in a week or so to see my family, Jenn, and a few other friends I haven't seen in awhile!  I'll try to update again soon... I took pictures of my outfit I wore two days ago but the quality of them is not that great, and it was really windy (hair = all over the place). We shall see if the pictures make it onto here.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Ginger Diaries Part 1

I'm very happy to say that I have finished all exams and assignments for this semester... which in turn means that I'm done all exams and assignments in my academic career at Memorial University.  Essentially this all means that I have completed my Bachelors of Business Administration.  I'm so happy beyond relief! : )

However, this last week did not come easy.  The week was meant to be dedicated to studying, but it was interrupted in the most pleasant way, because my best friend/love of my life for the past 8 years came to visit me in St. John's.  She's an avid reader of the blog and when I suggested to showcase her on here, she jumped at the opportunity (since she's probs my number one fan, besides my blood relatives). We had sooo much fun together as we always do, and I even managed to squeeze some time in to do my school work.  

The following pictures were taken at the beautiful Bowring Park in St. John's, with ducks around us, along with their poop.  Let me just say it was not very fun maneuvering our way around so that we didn't step in any of it. However, the ducks were cute, and they didn't mind us imposing on their habitat.  I'm sure that we treated them with more respect than the children who chase them around.  Okay... I'll admit it, I've chasen a few ducks around since I've moved here. 

Here is Jenn looking super cute and casual with a ballerina bun that I put in her hair.  If any of you are interested in learning how to do this particular bun, comment and I will make a tutorial.

Most items worn by Jenn (except for the jean jacket, which is not on the website for bluenotes) were purchased almost a year ago, so I'm sorry for the lack of links for each item in the outfit.
jean jacket: bluenotes. pants: suzy shier. shirt: sideways (local skate shop on the West Coast of Newfoundland). scarf: Forever 21. boots: suzy shier. sunglasses: ardene's.


It's hard to follow Jenn in the posing department, but I tried my best! But may I just say that she was inspired to buy her jean jacket because my jean jacket post, which makes me feel very proud over this blog (thanks Jenn : D ).  Most of the pictures she took of me were wayyyy too awkward, so the following shots are mostly candid (as you can probably tell).
Like Jenn, the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit are older and are no longer on the websites that I usually provide.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
blazer: thrift. shirt: the gap. jeans: forever 21+. purse: urban outfitters. shoes: aldo. necklace: forever21.
never mind the goody elastic on my left arm; that's essentially in every outfit. it's totally spring 2013...

Obviously Jenn is much better at posing than I am; she's had modeling experience. Me however... I've only been accustomed to taking "selfies" in my mirror with a peace sign.  Jenn and I also took a couple pictures of the two of us together. We didn't have anyone to take any pictures of us, so the following shots are mostly pictures that only deserve space on Facebook... but I have so much love for our friendship that I wanted to share them with the world : ) 

Couldn't resist her super shiny glasses!!

Actin foolish, what we do best!

She is my sister from anotha' mista. Got mad love for this ginger!

Expect "The Ginger Diaries Part 2" soon!!!! Much love for you all! 


Monday, April 09, 2012

A Block Of Color

New post already? That must mean one thing: exam time. Taking a break from the studying to update you all on this little outfit I wore out on Thursday night. Initially I was wearing a spider-man tee-shirt, flannel button-up (un-buttoned) and tons of eye make-up. If this is the first post that you're reading of mine, I'll let you in on a little secret: that is not necessarily my style (although I wouldn't dismiss it completely). Why was I dressed this way? Before going downtown, my boyfriend Adrian, friend Skanes and I went to a 90s party. I went for the grunge look. But feeling a bit out of my element, I decided to quickly stop home (it was on the way) before going downtown to do a quick change, and this is what I came up with (all the while being a little inebriated). 

top: old navy. skirt: forever 21+. clutch & bracelet: forever 21. shoes and necklace: aldo.

Excuse the lack of quality of the photo and the backdrop; we were at a disadvantage since it was dark outside and the house was too cluttered to take the picture inside.

First time I've worn these wedges since the summer.  It was by no means warm on Thursday night but the tights kept my toes toasty.

A pic without flash ... notice the snow in the background.  To my "luck", it rained since Thursday, and the snow melted away in our backyard.  Well you know the saying: "April showers bring may flowers".  Much better ring to it than "April snowflakes will make by stomach quake".  I guess I'll have to get used to the rain, with our big move to Vancouver just months away. : )


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

Wow... long time since I posted but do not fret; I haven't forgotten about my sweet little self-absorbed website where I just talk about myself. The past few weeks have been busy: doctor appointments, my sister came to visit (yay sissy!) and my hubby came home from Labrador! It's been very exciting to say the least.

Since the hubby missed the Panda Party, he decided (and by he, I mean I put the idea in his head) that we should go out to dinner to a restaurant that we haven't tried yet.  We went to Portobello's and ate exquisitely.  We had crab cakes as an appetizer to share, then Adrian had lobster tagliatella (it was a pasta... that's all I know) and I had cashew chicken.  I (hesitantly) shared my chocolate mousse dessert with him.  We managed to finish 1.5L of wine, too.  Food + wine + Adrian = best meal ever.

I dressed pretty casually but tried to look elegant at the same time (something I'm always striving for).  The backdrop for this extremely professional photo shoot is our house in downtown St. John's, with Adrian being my photographer.

shirt: old navy (similar). skirt: forever 21+. opaque tights: penningtons. shoes: old navy (similar). necklace: forever 21. clutch: american apparel.

I was very comfortable in this outfit.  I have been inlove with this skirt for awhile (through the website, it was a long-distance relationship) and it has found it's way (by credit-card and purolator) to my door.  We're very happy together.  

I also ordered two other skirts that are quite similar, and I'm excited to share them on here some point in the future! Maybe when the weather is nice enough that I don't need tights!?

In retrospect, I wish I wore different flats, but oh well.  These were still fun!

I also got my hair cut today.  It was the first time I went to the salon and didn't get any color done... my hair and my bank account thanked me.  Just a simple trim along with re-shaping of my bangs.

That's all for today, hopefully I'll update again soon now that I have a photographer on hand : )

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