Wednesday, April 04, 2012

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

Wow... long time since I posted but do not fret; I haven't forgotten about my sweet little self-absorbed website where I just talk about myself. The past few weeks have been busy: doctor appointments, my sister came to visit (yay sissy!) and my hubby came home from Labrador! It's been very exciting to say the least.

Since the hubby missed the Panda Party, he decided (and by he, I mean I put the idea in his head) that we should go out to dinner to a restaurant that we haven't tried yet.  We went to Portobello's and ate exquisitely.  We had crab cakes as an appetizer to share, then Adrian had lobster tagliatella (it was a pasta... that's all I know) and I had cashew chicken.  I (hesitantly) shared my chocolate mousse dessert with him.  We managed to finish 1.5L of wine, too.  Food + wine + Adrian = best meal ever.

I dressed pretty casually but tried to look elegant at the same time (something I'm always striving for).  The backdrop for this extremely professional photo shoot is our house in downtown St. John's, with Adrian being my photographer.

shirt: old navy (similar). skirt: forever 21+. opaque tights: penningtons. shoes: old navy (similar). necklace: forever 21. clutch: american apparel.

I was very comfortable in this outfit.  I have been inlove with this skirt for awhile (through the website, it was a long-distance relationship) and it has found it's way (by credit-card and purolator) to my door.  We're very happy together.  

I also ordered two other skirts that are quite similar, and I'm excited to share them on here some point in the future! Maybe when the weather is nice enough that I don't need tights!?

In retrospect, I wish I wore different flats, but oh well.  These were still fun!

I also got my hair cut today.  It was the first time I went to the salon and didn't get any color done... my hair and my bank account thanked me.  Just a simple trim along with re-shaping of my bangs.

That's all for today, hopefully I'll update again soon now that I have a photographer on hand : )

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