Saturday, June 09, 2012

Share With Me on a Saturday


This post is going to be pretty random; I intend on just sharing things I've found on the internet and a few instagram photos. A little peak into the random mind of yours truly...

Essentially, I'm just putting off packing. I HATE packing. I don't want to be at this at all. I'd rather .... go to the GYM than pack up my house right now. However, it cannot be put off any longer. Until after this post. That's it. I'm putting my foot down.

First of all, I came across the photo of Selena Gomez today.. and has anyone else noticed that Selena Gomez is now a bombshell!? She always was but she was more like .... a baby bombshell in my opinion. She kind of reminds me of an american apparel model, but still looks like she actually has a personality (I really find those models to look extremely bored and boring). I've never been jealous of the Biebs but this definitely give me a reason.

And onto another lady love of mine.... MARION COTILLARD. She's currently being featured on the cover of Glamour France's 100th issue.  I remember watching her at the Academy Awards in '07, just being shocked by her beauty when she walked on stage to accept her award for Best Actress. I was rooting for Ellen Paige since she was reppin Atlantic Canada, but Marion Cotillard took my breath away. Bonjour Marion!

Here are some Instagram photos, a little glimpse of Hipster Jules:

My mom and I at Portobello's in downtown St. John's, the day after my convocation.

A night out on the town last weekend, fun times!

Some pics from an attempted blog photo-shoot that weren't really good enough for a single post.

I'm literally stuffed to the brim while these pictures were being shot. We had just eaten at Gypsy Tea Room on Water Street.

My friend Justin and I! His convocation was also this year. If you live in NL, you can catch him during the summer and probably get some prizes; he's on the OZ FM (local radio station) summer cruiser team. This guy will also be attending Canadian Chiropractic College to become a doctor. Snap!

Here's a few LOLZ from the internet:

Def going to try and make this on minecraft someday...


Cats can make and saturday a good day.... Should be renamed Caturday. Just sayin.

Oh Tobias ....

Onto the next random segment... It's about my cat. I'm somewhat surprised that I have never shared a picture of my cat on the blog, because he essentially takes up my Facebook. I post pictures of him all the time, and he even has his own account. Yes, I'm one of THOSE people. However, without any further adieu, presenting... the one, the only...


Okay, just kidding. Here he is:
Ahhhhhhh Sa When Yaaaa Ska Da Bee Shee Ba Daaa... Henyaaa henyaaaaa (Circle of Life, the Lion King)

Giving my American Apparel clutch some company.

The hubby tucked him in last night, he looked cold.

Longest blog post in history, but I figured I'd make the randomness worth it. I'm now going to leave you with a few tunes that have been playing on my laptop non stop the past few days:

A little funk to start all of you off... Doesn't this make you want to dance around your house while singing into a hair brush? No? Just me? .....

Reminiscing past days of driving around my hometown with the windows down and the stereo turned out. Wow... That sounds like the lyrics to a Hedley or Nickelback song. Brb, gone to puke.

Chromeo? Hall? Can't go for that? Well yes, that is something I can go for.

Thanks for reading, and I congratulate you for making it this far in this lengthy post. I hope you found it as entertaining as I have. : )



  1. Julia, I died at this entry. Hahahaha.
    I'm really digging this blog, it makes me so happy. And you look absolutely gorgeous all the freakin' time.

    Oh, and your cat is just perfect. He's purrfect.

    1. jessicah, you have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW.
      thanks for the compliments, you make me feel loved.