Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Ginger Diaries Part 1

I'm very happy to say that I have finished all exams and assignments for this semester... which in turn means that I'm done all exams and assignments in my academic career at Memorial University.  Essentially this all means that I have completed my Bachelors of Business Administration.  I'm so happy beyond relief! : )

However, this last week did not come easy.  The week was meant to be dedicated to studying, but it was interrupted in the most pleasant way, because my best friend/love of my life for the past 8 years came to visit me in St. John's.  She's an avid reader of the blog and when I suggested to showcase her on here, she jumped at the opportunity (since she's probs my number one fan, besides my blood relatives). We had sooo much fun together as we always do, and I even managed to squeeze some time in to do my school work.  

The following pictures were taken at the beautiful Bowring Park in St. John's, with ducks around us, along with their poop.  Let me just say it was not very fun maneuvering our way around so that we didn't step in any of it. However, the ducks were cute, and they didn't mind us imposing on their habitat.  I'm sure that we treated them with more respect than the children who chase them around.  Okay... I'll admit it, I've chasen a few ducks around since I've moved here. 

Here is Jenn looking super cute and casual with a ballerina bun that I put in her hair.  If any of you are interested in learning how to do this particular bun, comment and I will make a tutorial.

Most items worn by Jenn (except for the jean jacket, which is not on the website for bluenotes) were purchased almost a year ago, so I'm sorry for the lack of links for each item in the outfit.
jean jacket: bluenotes. pants: suzy shier. shirt: sideways (local skate shop on the West Coast of Newfoundland). scarf: Forever 21. boots: suzy shier. sunglasses: ardene's.


It's hard to follow Jenn in the posing department, but I tried my best! But may I just say that she was inspired to buy her jean jacket because my jean jacket post, which makes me feel very proud over this blog (thanks Jenn : D ).  Most of the pictures she took of me were wayyyy too awkward, so the following shots are mostly candid (as you can probably tell).
Like Jenn, the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit are older and are no longer on the websites that I usually provide.  Sorry for the inconvenience!
blazer: thrift. shirt: the gap. jeans: forever 21+. purse: urban outfitters. shoes: aldo. necklace: forever21.
never mind the goody elastic on my left arm; that's essentially in every outfit. it's totally spring 2013...

Obviously Jenn is much better at posing than I am; she's had modeling experience. Me however... I've only been accustomed to taking "selfies" in my mirror with a peace sign.  Jenn and I also took a couple pictures of the two of us together. We didn't have anyone to take any pictures of us, so the following shots are mostly pictures that only deserve space on Facebook... but I have so much love for our friendship that I wanted to share them with the world : ) 

Couldn't resist her super shiny glasses!!

Actin foolish, what we do best!

She is my sister from anotha' mista. Got mad love for this ginger!

Expect "The Ginger Diaries Part 2" soon!!!! Much love for you all! 



  1. Julia, I love your yellow blazer more than I love any other blazer I have ever seen (and this is coming from someone who LOVESSSS blazers).

    Loving this blog, btw.

    1. Thanks! I get all my blazers from value village. I have navy, bright blue, the yellow, and I just acquired a red one. They legit only cost me like 5 dollars every time. It's the best retail therapy ever.
      Thanks for the compliments, feel free to keep em comin ; ) haha