Thursday, February 07, 2013

i lost a few inches

...And by few, I mean about 5 or so. I cut my hair.

And I love it.

I was debating it for awhile, because I hadn't cut my hair since I was 15. That is ... holy shit, that's 8 years ago. Okay, just having a little melt down on how long ago that actually was. Anyways, back to the present... A lot of people were telling me to keep it long, and that I shouldn't cut it. I was afraid that I would regret it, but I realized that the only reason I was holding onto the idea of leaving my length was because it was just that... so much length. Such long thick hair. I had planned it out well, however. I pinned my hair up so I could see what I would look like with shorter hair, and I tried on different necklines/outfits. I loved every look. So after school one day, I asked my incredibly brave friend Annie to cut it. She did. It's magnificent. 

Here's a little photo diary of my journey to shorter hair:

This is my hair when I pinned up the longer lengths. The reason it actually looks like I cut my hair is because I had shorter layers:

This is the last picture taken of my longer hair, RIGHT before we wet it down and cut it:

This is before we did texturizing/some layering... my hair was in the shape of a triangle because of the amount of thickness. Annie is poking her head out from behind the monstrosity:

SHORT HURR DONT CURR (this photo has clearly been instagrammed, I no longer have the original):

Another picture of the short hair for good measure (hah.. measure.. we're talking about lengths... of hair..... measuring... by using inches. HAH) :

I didn't even cry once throughout the entire thing, which is surprising because I'm a pretty emotional cry-baby. If you're thinking about cutting your hair, I suggest taking one night, opening some vino, pinning your hair up to the best of your ability and trying on different styles with it. In one outfit, you could look fantabulous, and in another one you could look awful. Just sayin.



    Looks wicked, Jules! Ya babeee

    Chopping 'er off is stressful. I remember going through a very similar process before I cut/bleached mine last summer... and like you, I have zerooooo regrets!

    1. yes your hair is amazingggg short and UBER blonde!!! now i keep dreaming up different colour schemes... hahaha.

  2. I have had long hair all my life and I cannot bring myself to cut it! You are brave and you look bloody fabulous! I hope to challenge myself to actually do something different with my hair!! x

    Love your blog btw!! xx

    1. well thanks for the marvelous compliments! i just look at your blog and wow, aren't you BEAUTIFUL!!!!! gorgeous style and i will definitely be following you from now on.
      your hair is beautiful and long, and don't cut it if you do not want to!!! but i must say, it is quite enjoyable having it short. haha.
      thanks for the comment!