Tuesday, December 04, 2012

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

Notice how the title says FEEL and not LOOK. Sadly in Vancouver, it doesn't much look like Christmas at all. There is no snow like I wish there was, BUT this isn't getting my christmas cheer down. More than ever am I in the christmas spirit, since I get to go home for christmas. How about any of you guys, feeling a little homesick if you're living away from home? What are you missing about your hometown?

Here are a few of MY favorite things this christmas holiday season that cheer me up whenever I'm homesick and make me even more excited to go home : )

In no particular order...

Starbucks Holiday Drinks

I've had them all on multiple occasions, and have a strong feeling that I will continue drinking them until they are no longer available. I'm spoiling myself with calories (I, for a lot longer, will still remain a plus-size fashionista for this reason) and I have no intentions to stop... HOW COULD YOU!? My all time favorite this season is the Gingerbread Latte. It makes me feel like I have a gingerbread village in my mouth, and I'm going to nom on those little fuckers until my stomach is content. Honourable mention goes to the Eggnog Latte (not pictured). Heads up to you starbucks-loving penny pinchers out there; if you get christmas blend coffee (or any blend, for that matter) and get a shot of peppermint in it, throw some half and half in there, it tastes about the same as a Peppermint mocha for about half the price.

Pathetic, Little Apartment-sized Christmas Trees

I present to you my sweet little christmas tree, standing at about 5 feet. It's decorated by all things Ikea and Canadian Tire (the tree itself cost only 30 bucks from Canadian Tire). I love my little tree... of course I wish it was bigger and well, real, but it fits quaintly into my sweet little 550 sq ft apartment. My cat, however, has a love-hate relationship with it... he goes from curling up underneath the tree, to ripping it down to the floor like he was GODZIRRA and the tree was a building in Japan.

 I don't have a picture of Biggie (the cat) in his Godzilla phase, but there is a picture of him looking quite innocent underneath the tree. My handsome little cat seems to have his mind confused... Friend or Foe? To me, this little bugger of a tree is my FRIEND. Cheers to PATHETIC LITTLE TREES! ...Just look at that "snow" at the bottom. Brutal.

Unexpected Christmas Displays

Taken by yours truly at the local Holt Renfrew in downtown Vancouver, I couldn't resist this PERFECT pairing of these beautiful, timeless Manolo Blahniks. At first when I saw them, like any other Sex and The City fan, I noticed these are the shoes (except Carrie's were blue) that Big proposed with at the end of the first movie. First of all, that got me excited all on its own. Considering that they were paired so magically like this together, my smile turned into a shit-eating grin. If I had $4000 to throw around, I would buy both pairs and wear both colours at the same time. Of course, I would be wearing them with a certain Prada bag I've been drooling over lately.... but that's a whole other story. I'd have to commit a humanitarian miracle to get that kind of cred with Santa to get on the Good Girl list.

Vancouver Christmas Pride

Ponies.... decorated... for Christmas.... in the Christmas parade...

'Nuff said.

I'm so grateful for my view in the beautiful downtown Vancouver, and lucky enough that I get a great shot of BC Place Stadium. At night, it's lit up with green and red, and then goes to white and red (like a peppermint). I'd love to get in a chopper and see it from the sky, I know it would look amazing. But for now, I can stand looking at it from this view .... poor me. (first world problems)

Christmas Playlists 

Note that this picture isn't of me or taken by me, just a photo I found on google. This kid's smile makes me giggle to myself, because I'm pretty sure that's what I look like when I'm getting my christmas music fix. My favorite website for such playlists is Songza. They have apps as well for iPhone and iPad, probably for other smartphones/tablets, and they have numerous playlists to listen to. Favorite christmas song of all time? Well... It's... .....


excuse the weird imagery in the video... and just enjoy the audio : )


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