Thursday, November 08, 2012

Little Late

Outfit post, wow... you don't say? Really? Did you think that this had become an outlet for me to just rant about whatever is on my mind?

Well, rest assured... that will still be happening. I want to rant right now about my time management skills... I got these pictures from my friend Shawna over at Serpentine Streets like a month ago, and they were taken from Vancouver's Fashion Night Out which happened in ... September? Late August? ...FAIL. Sadly I didn't even get to GO to the fashion show (school runs late), but we did go walk around on Robson street for some of the events. Gap had a DJ which was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed french connections set up. They had hair stylists, photographers, a live band, and drinks. It was amazing. But, alas, too bad for you, the only pictures I'll be sharing are of my outfit from that night of strolling and shopping.

Dress: H&M. Sweater: Ralph Lauren. Purse: H&M. Shoes: Material Girl.

Love these shoes, but I did almost eat pavement (fall down onto my face ergo chowing down on the street) about 5 times. I have a hard enough time wearing high shoes on LEVEL ground... combine my clumsiness with uneven sidewalks, and you get one hilarious show.

I'm so happy to have purchased this sweater (although at the time I most definitely could not afford it).. It's something that I'll be keeping for a long time I think, and will always remind me of my first fall away from Newfoundland. Lucky for me that Ralph Lauren used such fall-friendly colours to remind me of the leaves from my home land.

Speaking of my home land, I want to direct ALL OF YOU who read this to my friend Candace's blog called Randomly Organized Chaos. She is amazing and has taken some shots of me in the past, which were much much much appreciated but I never got the time to get them from her to post on here or even link the post (bad friend over here...). Not only does she do amazing portraits, but she literally feeds my need for Newfoundland. I swear she hears my longing calls for certain Newfoundland qualities, because as soon as I think of something I miss, she takes a picture of it. She's a doll, a talented writer, and a bad-ass photographer. To all my Vancouver friends... look at this blog and you'll see why I miss home so much.

I'm off to catch some zeds, for I have a full day ahead of me tomorrow. Thanks for the reads, and I'll try to update more (famous last words...)



  1. aw! i was having such a brutal morning until i read this, you just made my day!! thanks so much you doll, looking forward to doing portraits of you again soon : )

    1. : ) hope it's okay that i linked you without asking... haha
      no problem :D lotsa love!