Saturday, September 08, 2012



Yeah, it's me, trying to act casual after an unexpected month-long hiatus. I feel like this is a little awkward... kind-of as if I'm calling up an old flame, trying to play it cool, seeing if we can re-connect or something. I'm obviously not good at this considering I've been happily involved for the past three years. I have mad love for the blogging community and have enjoyed having a month of just reading blogs and getting used to school, but now I'm ready to rekindle that fi-yah. (Yes... fi-yah.)

The pictures I'm sharing today were taken a while ago, I've just been too busy to post. Just a casual karaoke night out with friends, in which I sang an amazing song by Tenacious D and got the whole bar singing with me simply because of the awesomeness that was the song. One hundred points to whoever guesses what song it was!

shirt: asos (old) [similar]. bracelet: urban outfitters. earrings: aldo. clutch: forever 21 (old). leggings: joe fresh. shoes: urban outfitters.


The pictures were taken on my beautiful balcony with more apartment buildings in the background. The view facing the other way is much more spectacular, but you get an awkward glare on the window from our door. 

As for an update on my living situation, Vancouver has been treating me well, I love the big city as I thought I would. I do, however, miss my friends and family and my home land like crazy. Newfoundland is such a beautiful place and it is killing me to spend my favorite season (FALL) away from home.

School is amazing but I don't want to bore you with details on that.

Be prepared for another post soon, I have pictures cropped, edited and ready to go.



  1. tenacious d?? was it fuck her gently by any chance?! hahahaha