Monday, March 05, 2012

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Hello all!  I must apologize about my lack of posting, but it's because of one thing: the hubbie came home!  He works in western Labrador, which is not geographically far away, but he works 28 days straight, meaning we can't visit each other while he's away.  We've had an amazing time while he was home, and it almost makes it worth it when he leaves. Note: ALMOST. Today he has to go back for another 28 days. That's why I'm posting; I need something to distract me from the gloom of today.  He'll be missing my 22nd birthday (which is in less than a week)... but he always spoils me whenever he's home so he more than makes up for it.

Last Friday night a few of our friends came to the house, where we had a few drinks then headed downtown to George Street.  For those of you who don't know what George Street is, I advise you to take a look here or here.  It's definitely a place that should be experienced by everyone; if not for the bars, then for the character.  When I head out, I like to be comfortable.  In order to be comfortable, I usually dress casual.  One thing that is hard to do while dressing casually is to ensure that you're also looking fashionable; I often just get caught up in feeling too comfortable and forgetting fashion and style all together.  However, last Friday night I tried to marry the two (fashionable & casual), and this is what I came up with:

top: forever 21+. pants: old navy. clutch: american apparel. shoes: aldo. necklace: forever 21.  bracelet: forever 21.

Excuse the backdrop and the poor lighting/focus/overall picture, for it was taking with my i-Phone.  Yes they take good pictures, but it embarrasses me when I see it like this. OH WELL.  I purchased this top in the fall, it's two sizes too big, but I like the bagginess of it.  The pants (if you can't tell in the picture) are an orange rusty color.  The clutch is grey with a gold zipper detail.  The necklace is the same one I wore in this post, and it's gold with beige pearls strung along as well.

Here is a picture of me just being myself... No, this is not the infamous "duck face", it is just me being me (I'm a self-proclaimed "G"):

I kept my make-up very minimal, with loose curls and a braided headband made of my own hair.  No one believed me when I said it was my own hair, I guess because I braided it too tightly, so for next time I'll try gathering more hair and making it more messy.

I also wanted to add a few pictures with my friends, who I am pretty sure consist of most (if not all) of my readers for the moment. 

Me and the ever-so-amazing & hilarious Taylor (her hair is naturally that blonde... so lucky!)

Myself and Meghan, my modelesque friend who took most of the pictures for me

Taylor, me, Meghan and Sam (ain't she a beaut!)

That's all for today, folks! Adrian (the hubby) just finished packing so we'll be watching some tv and cuddling on the couch until his flight leaves later today... After that, I intend on stuffing my face at dinner with Miss Blondie herself, Taylor.  Peace out!



  1. This is adorable! I'm with you on the comfy-meets-style when dressing up to go out, and I think you nailed it :) I love the print of the top, and the colorful jeans and oversized clutch are perfection!

  2. Thank you so much : ) Let me just say that you're one of my top favorite blogs, and I feel very fortunate that you checked out my site!

  3. Hey pretty lady! I just finished reading all of your blog, aand have added you on Bloglovin! I have to say I didn't know you were such a crazy good writer! I honestly loved what you've had up so far, so I hope you do keep posting :) very nice, self proclaimed G.

    1. Thank you Candace, your kind words mean a lot! ESPECIALLY coming from someone who is so artistic like you! And also, thank you for following me on bloglovin. You are my first and only one, but hopefully that will change! <3