Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Panda Party

Questionable post title... no?

Well, the past weekend was my birthday and my birthday party.  It was once supposed to be a surprise party, but it got lost in translation*.  I was, however, surprised by the decor and the attire of my friends who were in attendance; everything was black and white.  This was not your typical black & white party, because it was themed as a panda party.  My loving hubby nicknamed me panda (feel free to grab your barf bag), and it's kind of a running joke amongst my friends.  So, they jumped at the opportunity to make the party a panda party, and to incorporate a little bit of my hubby at the party (he is gone away for work).  There were home-made black bottom cupcakes (courtesy of my good friend Skanes who hosted the party), mini oreos, black and white cups, and an oreo blizzard cake.  The room was also filled with helium balloons which make a birthday party, in my opinion.  A couple of my friends, Amy and Alex, also got me panda presents: a panda necklace, a card with a panda, panda coin purse, and a wine panda carrier.  I was pleasantly surprised by it all.

Luckily for me, this was the night where I wore my vibrant red dress from Sears mentioned in this post.  So, I stood out against all my loving pandas.

dress: sears. opaque tights & leopard belt: penningtons. bracelet: forever 21. necklace: claire's. clutch: american apparel

I love this dress.  It was so comfortable and vibrant, and easy to incorporate a few spring trends with it.  The first trend I tried to tackle was mixing prints in terms of my accessories, specifically the floral pattern on the necklace and the leopard print of the belt.  I also incorporated color blocking, with the bright red dress and the pink clutch.  I just wish I straightened out that bracelet before taking the pictures... but oh well!

I tried to keep my hair simple, with a little pop of color on my face.  I saw a post on the beauty department instructing how to pair a purple lid with red lips.  I jumped at the opportunity and figured my birthday party would be a good time to do so.  Plus, if it looked bad, then no one could critique since everyone has to be nice to me on my birthday : )  I also donned some pointy-ish purple nails for the party, and I've been getting compliments on them ever since!

Aren't my chubby fingers cute?  And my pretty promise ring from hubby? : )

As you can see from the above photo of my face, it doesn't really show the purple lid.  But I think I pulled it off!  The lipstick is the matte line from revlon, and I loved how it stayed on my lips.  I don't really like shiny lipstick, I feel it looks like whoever is wearing it has drool all over their lips.  

Myself and Skanes, one of my pandas

Myself and Meghan, who you've seen here before!

And now I'm off, and hopefully I'll have another outfit post for you soon!  Who cares if I don't have a high-quality camera (although Meghan took the pictures for this post with her own digital, and they weren't with my i-Phone for once), I enjoy posting outfits too much.  


*A friend made an error in judgement and invited my cat over facebook who has an account, and I'm (being the weird person I am to create an account for said cat) is the only person who checks the notifications.  However, it was still an amazing time.


  1. Oh wow your look is fab! I love your dress and your hair is totally amaze! I have complete hair envy!


    1. Thank you so much! The hair is somewhat of a mess but I appreciate the love! Just checked out your blog... and I love your red!

      - Jules

  2. cute dress nice blog