Monday, February 13, 2012



I've had a pretty busy week, which is the reasoning why I haven't blogged in about seven days.  My wonderful mom came into town to visit, so we spent our days shopping, dining and wine-ing.  I love this city I live in but between all my school work and just pure lazy-ness, I never get out to enjoy any of it!  So it was great to have my mom here as a tourist (although she's been to St. John's a million times) to go out and enjoy the town.

Shopping was great, believe it or not I got some pretty great pieces from Sears (on sale!) that I can't wait to show on here.  I used one piece in outfits I wore last Thursday and Friday that I wish I took pictures of but I was in too much of a hurry to move my furniture, set up the auto-timer on my i-phone and smile (as you can tell, still no good camera or good location).  Both outfits had completely different vibes to them; one was dressy, one was casual.  So I plan to re-create them and share them on here!

I picked up two amazing dresses which are the exact same, except one is a bright red and the other is black (finally, a LBD).  They have sleeves with padding, billow out around the waist (perfect for us plus-sized dressers) and have a timeless, classic look.  I couldn't find a picture on the sears website, so stay tuned for outfits!

We also ate at some amazing restaurants (Get Stuffed & The Cellar) downtown, and I can't pick what I liked more.  At Get Stuffed, I had grilled salmon in a cajun sauce, and at The Cellar both my mom and I had seafood medley (shrimp, newfoundland cod and scallops) with a phyllo pastry.  As you can tell, I love seafood.  If you are ever lucky enough to make it out to St. John's, or if you live here, give these food joints a try!

Well, that's it for me today... I pretty much wanted to make a new post to ensure to myself that I would keep posting.  I don't want another year hiatus like the one that happened in 2011 : )


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  1. you're cute & your blogs are cute. You officially have another reader :) hahah. LOVE YOUUUUU!

    p.s. girls night when you come home.