Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Valentine's Day

Mark your calenders! Valentines day is just one week away... and although I have a valentine, he will be away for work.  So I figured I would create a picture of what I might wear if I go out with friends or what I would want to wear if my hubby was here with me.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day by juliialove 

Both looks are fun and flirty, but with friends is more casual, where as with date is more romantic and dressy... and who doesn't love romance on valentines day (when you have a date)?

Unknown to me as to what I'll be doing this valentine's day... probably going to watch a chick flick with friends. And eating chocolate. Lots of it.



  1. Ahhhhhh you have a blog!!! ... which I clearly just discovered & am now in raptures over haha. Adore the outfits you put together here, particularly the 'with friends' one. So loving the Dorothy Perkins tunic :)

    Can't wait to read more blog posts from you Miss Julia!

  2. Thanks Shawna : ) I haven't really told anyone about it yet because I'm brand new... but I started following your blog and figured I'd take a page out of your book and just do it already.
    You're an inspiration!