Saturday, February 04, 2012

Casual Friday Night

Last night I had a lovely evening with my friends.  We didn't go downtown to any clubs, we just hung out and caught up with one another.  No pictures were taken (that always happens when you have an outfit on that you like), so I decided I would grow up and take a picture of my outfit for the blog!

Sadly the quality of my photo is pretty bad.  The background is the staircase in my house that my amazing sister (who is my only reader for the moment) rents to me!  Below is a little collage I created on polyvore of my outfit so you can get a better idea of the outfit.  I also included the make-up I used, but there were no good close-ups of my face to show.  But one thing I'm excited to share in the future is what I do to get ready, in terms of hair styling and make-up... but all in due time!
Casual Friday Night
Check me out on polyvore!!

I love this look.  It is very comfortable and casual, and I don't feel irrelevant in terms of style while wearing items like these.  I love dressing casually, not because I'm afraid to dress up, but because it's what I'm most comfortable in.  Now for specifics...

I bought the shirt from old navy, which is one of my favorite stores.  If my budget would allow it, I would buy everything from the gap, but old navy is a very acceptable alternative. Usually when I get a shirt to fit my chest and/or my hips, it doesn't fit me in the shoulders or arms, but this was an amazing fit.  I also love the color; I've been seeing this vibrant orange everywhere.  It's also a great shirt for color blocking. (I plan on getting a pair of bright blue skinnies to wear with this!)

 The jeans are from Forever 21 plus sizes. I bought two pairs of this specific pair of jeans before, and have worn them out... I LOVE them.  They fit amazing, have enough stretch so that they're not uncomfortable (but not enough so that they turn into jogging pants), and they are CHEAP!  I'm wearing a size 16 (for reference to anyone who wants to order a pair!)

No matter what you decide to wear out... keep in mind that the most important thing is to feel comfortable.  It's hard to feel confident in something that isn't comfortable, and confidence is the most important accessory! (Seriously... read any cosmo, GQ or maxim magazine, and that's what all men say.)

Confidence is KEY!


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