Monday, February 06, 2012

Wanted For Spring

Hello everyone!  Just thought I'd share a quick little collage of what I'm hoping to add to my collection for spring.  If you see anything here that you want to order, click on the link under the picture or click on the item below. 

Wanted For Spring

Here's a little blurb of my thoughts on each item (counter-clockwise):

Ivory Floral Top: Floral seems to be a trend that has been in for a few years now, and this is a subtle print that you can mix with others.  The neutral color can be worn with a bright blazer, or colorful skinnies.  

Color-Block Maxi Dress: Maxi dresses are so comfortable, and totally in style!  They can be dressed down with sandals and a jean jacket, or dressed up with heels and elegant jewelry.  The down-pointing stripes of color will offer a minimizing effect to your hips, which is a good plus for those of us with thick-middles!  This is a perfect way to fit stripes in your wardrobe if you're too afraid to wear.

Suede Olive Lace-up Wedges: I've never been able to master the art of walking in high heels, but wedges are a great alternative.  Wedges are very much in style, and this neutral color would go great with almost any print.

Turquoise Floral Dress: This dress is self-explanatory... It is a beautiful color with minimal prints on it, and I love how there's a band below the bust line; perfect to show off your tiny waist and/or wear with a belt.

Floral 2-piece Swimsuit: I've ordered swimsuits from ModCloth before, and they hold up great.  Although there was not enough support for me in the bust area (I'm a 36 DD), I simply altered the top a little bit and used the back straps as my neck straps and vice versa!  It worked out quite well.  This is a timeless swimsuit, this retro look will never go out of style!  It has great coverage and amazing tummy-control. 

Coral Watch:  Although this item is pricey, I'd like to get something that looks similar.  Watches give a sophisticated element to any look, and the colors of this watch make it fun and modern.

Black & White Feather Dress:  This dress is gorgeous, I love the pattern on it and the way it falls.  The sleeves also add a very cute touch.  (I'm drooling at the idea of wearing this dress with my yellow blazer... <3 )

Striped Mini Skirt: This skirt has been on my wishlist for some time now.  I love how the stripes are ribbed and are raised from the skirt; they're not just printed on there.  It would look amazing with a button up, tank top, blazer, and so many other things.  The options are endless!

Grey Belted Dress: Although simple, I feel like this would be a timeless piece to mix with other trends.  It's not only good for spring; it would look good with tights during the winter as well.  Again, the belt under the bust line accentuates a smaller waist, and even gives the idea that you have one if you don't.

Cat Eye Sunglasses: These remind me of the infamous wayfarers, but I like how they also look a little vintage.  They're super girly, and can be paired with a casual or dressy outfit.

Trio of Earrings: I love gold and I love studs.  Need I say more?

Pink Loafers: I've been meaning to get a pair of loafers; they look super cute and are also adorable.  I've also recently fell inlove with the color pink, so this just tickles all my fancies.

Pink Maxi Skirt: I love maxi skirts, they're very comfortable.  I recently saw a post on Curvy Girl Chic with this skirt and a blazer, and I loved the combination.  Again, it's pink, which I'm all about.

Since my birthday is in march, I'm hoping that some of these items will end up as gifts. 

What are your wants for spring?


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