Thursday, February 02, 2012


It's only mid-day, and I've ALREADY (once again, for the umpteenth time in my life) mastered the art of procrastination.

You see... I was supposed to have an anthropology exam on tuesday.  However, due to copious amounts of snowfall and wind, the university was closed.  Good, because I hadn't studied all the material (a measly 4 chapters).  Therefore, my exam was postponed until 3:30pm today.  I woke up, checked facebook and twitter, and found all my friends complaining about how schools should be closed again today.  A lot of snow fell between 12am and 8am this morning, but I don't think I'll be getting another free pass.

On my blog post last night, I said that I had to stop writing due to my studying.  Did I study? NO.  Of course not!  Today... exam... t minus 3 hours... haven't studied.  And now I'm writing a post on my blog, that I started almost a year ago, after I posted two times yesterday!


So... let me share with you what I plan to do the rest of the day until my exam.

1.  Disconnect from the internet. Between stumbleuponcocoperezthe vogue diaries and any other website you can think of, I'm looking at it and NOT studying.  

2. Play music.  Some songs are better than others for studying... I'll be skipping past up-beat tunes such as anything by Lady Gaga or Beyonce and listening to more mellow music, i.e. Radiohead or Citizen Cope.

3. Setting a deadline.  I have to make it to school (on the bus, not in the mood to a. shovel out my car or b. find a parking spot) by 3:30.  This is an obvious deadline but if you're procrastinating at all, tell yourself you'll study for 2 hours.  Then take an hour break.  Then again.

4. Set a break.  Like I said in #3, an hour is a good reward for two straight hours of studying.  But if your mind is occupied by making a snack, checking your phone, or wanting to (in my case) go for a cigarette (not advising anyone to smoke, it's just my nasty habit), then go do it.  There's no point to try and study with a pre-occupied mind.  Make sure you take no longer than 10 minutes.  Set a timer, and MAKE yourself come back to studying when your done.

5. Do not post on your blog.  Self-explanatory.  I'm being a hypocrite by writing down tips to not procrastinate while procrastinating to write down the tips (to not procrastinate).  Wow... that was a mouthful.

Hope these tips are helpful.  If not, you are doomed to a world of procrastination for the rest of your life. ...That might be a little melodramatic.


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