Monday, January 14, 2013

Where's the hanger

Andddddddd it's gone. The hanger, which was the ever-existing reminder of my failure to create an online fashion plus size blog, has been removed. I took it off. I don't know what will replace it, maybe a cat... maybe a bowl of ice cream... maybe nothing. I just didn't want to have it there since I don't want to subject myself to feeling that I have to write about fashion all the time.

I've also stopped sharing my posts on facebook. It felt so fake to me to put my posts on my wall every time I updated. I know for a fact that people only visited the blog because it was there, not because they were interested. One of my best friends hadn't realized that my blog was still existing merely because I hadn't been posting my shit on facebook. Upon rediscovery of my blog, turns out he/she hadn't read some of the posts that I put up on facebook. No harm, I just don't want to put it out there for people if they don't want to read it.

Yesterday I was throwing up all day and today I'm recuperating. Stomach flu really messes you up, doesn't it? All I want to do when I'm throwing up is scarf down some sweet icey cold ice cap, which I can't do, since milk is bad for you when you're sick. But it's all I could think of. Isn't there always something that you're after that you can't have because it's "bad for you" at that specific time? Oh, it's 9:00am, I shouldn't indulge in a glass of wine. I'm about to work on a client, I shouldn't have a cigarette. I'm throwing my guts up, an ice cap or a bowl of ice cream is out of the question. Next time I'm sick, I'm giving the world my middle finger. And I'm drinking that damn ice cap.

And that's how Sue C's it.


  1. Awh :( The flu that is going around is THE worst! Hope you get better!

    ... I also hope the hanger makes its way back!

    1. thanks leanne, but i'm leaving the fashion up to the likes of you and your peers. you rock it quite well!