Sunday, January 27, 2013


I've never made a post from my cell phone before. I'm very anal about grammar and punctuation, so this might not end well due to my chubby fingers, auto correct and my small keyboard, but I've just found inspiration.

Right now, I'm sitting on a ferry, going from vancouver to vancouver island to visit my dad over my break from school. I'm settled in my little seat with my huge scarf on, keeping toasty. A few rows ahead of me are a family, with one special child. This child appears to be going through chemotherapy.

Fuck. Cancer. I hate it. It's very difficult for me to refrain from cryin right now. I'm uber emotional and have been thinking a lot about lost loved ones recently. This really seems to break my heart.

Interesting though, because my heart has already been broken. Losing family to something uncontrollable like cancer is fucking hard. It could very well be the worst thing ever. And after every loss, scare, and threat, my heart has managed to repair itself, thanks to good friends, family and faith.

Now what I'm thinking is I'm in need to GROW UP. This shit is hard, and my heart is clearly an indestructible machine, capable of more than I ever gave it granted. That child and that family are all smiles and laughter. Maybe it will last, maybe it won't, but here we are. Floating in the ocean. Floating through whatever. Don't cry, Julia. This family deserves a mega watt smile. Give it to em. But it will never compare to that child's. Or to Aaron's. RIP.

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