Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Although I usually do regardless of what any readers might think, I'm going to speak incredibly freely in this post. If you're not ready for over-the-top excitement, colorful language, run on sentences, and essentially all things insane, then walk away right now.


For those of you on the plus size train, or not even on the plus size train, just on the train of good fashion, you've heard of ASOS.com before. Haven't? FOR SHAME. They have one kick ass line of plus size clothing that goes WAYY beyond the level of fashion that forever 21 + offers.. Come on, there's some sketchy material on F21+'s website. It's almost like some of the designer are literally creating pieces of what would look horrendous on ANYONE, let alone plus size gals. ASOS Curve has some pretty gorgeous stuff, and the price is not too bad (not as good as F21+, but this is a perfect example of you get what you pay for).

Whenever I've scanned over the ASOS Curve website, I've often felt like my brain has been intruded, since their styles are so fucking fabulous that I want to max out my credit card every time I do some late night browsing. Imagine the shock I just received when I stumbled on the holy grail..

The glorious...

The fabulous........


available HERE

available HERE

I can't even.


  1. ahaha so cute! loove the first one.